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Opale and Co

Created in January 2017, L’Agence d’attractivité du Montreuillois, “Opale&Co”, cover three different subjects : – the economic development – tourism and its promotion – and territorial attractivity Its main goal consists to promote area finance in  : – enticing new inhabitants, investors and visitors by the way of its highlights promotion – federate the territory and all its operators around the new brand – support its specificities, its valors, its identity beyond the frontiers – Towns covered are :- Berck-sur-Mer Camiers Ste Cecile Etaples-sur-Mer Fruges Hucqueliers Le Touquet Les 7 Vallees Merlimont Montreuil-surMer Rang du Fliers Stella...

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Stella Plage

Image – Copyright Opale and Co In the fifteenth century, at the port of Trépied, thirty fishing boats were moored on the banks of the River Canche where 150 fishermen made their living from the sea, their catches supplying the markets of Amiens, Abbeville and Beauvais. In 1837, Jean-Baptiste Daloz purchased the sand dunes of Cucq and Trépied. In 1855, Mr Daloz and his son-in-law Mr Rigaux planted young pines and in 1858 the two men decided to divide the estate. Mr Daloz took 1,250 hectares (the territory of present-day Le Touquet) and Mr Rigaux’s portion formed the estate...

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Rang du Fliers

Image – Copyright Informationfrance Rang-du-Fliers, a town of 4,000 inhabitants is located on the Opal Coast, between Le Touquet , Montreuil-sur-Mer and Berck-sur-Mer . The town takes its name from the term Rin, which means channel, and the Flemish Vliet, meaning Little River. Rang-du-Fliers originates from 1870, after merely having been a simple hamlet of the neighboring town, Verton. It is well worth considering a vist to this town as it has a good selection of holiday accommodation in the vicinity. The seasons are punctuated by events nearby and many other local events throughout the year in the town...

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Image – Copyright Opale and Co It’s Philippe Hurepel, the Count of Boulogne, who gives the city it’s real boom by building a castle which will be dismantled in 1662. The city knows a peasant revolt, called revolt of Lustucrus. Saint André’s Church which rises on the height of Hucqueliers away from the heart of the village. Clovis Normand was asked for his restoration. The heritage renovation site begins in 1894. Here you can discover the « High Country », near the Opal Coast. Come to discover Hucqueliers by walking, or biking… through more than 100kms of marked trails. Discover the...

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