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Rang-du-Fliers, a town of 4,000 inhabitants is located on the Opal Coast, between Le Touquet , Montreuil-sur-Mer and Berck-sur-Mer .

The town takes its name from the term Rin, which means channel, and the Flemish Vliet, meaning Little River.
Rang-du-Fliers originates from 1870, after merely having been a simple hamlet of the neighboring town, Verton.

It is well worth considering a vist to this town as it has a good selection of holiday accommodation in the vicinity.

The seasons are punctuated by events nearby and many other local events throughout the year in the town with : « The Tremplin Rock en Stock » of young talents, the race of « 10 du Fliers », the swing weekend, exhibitions of retrocar, the show of gourmet pleasures…




Office of Tourism


152, Route de Merlimont – 62180

Tel: 03 21 84 34 00