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Salon-de-Provence Town Guide


Salon de Provence is one of Provence's oldest villages and derives its wealth from the production of olive oil and soap known as 'Savon de Marseille'.

Its wealth is seen in the neat and tidy 'vielle ville' with its leafy avenues bordered by plane trees and numerous cafes and restaurants.   This is a great place to savour the 'real Provence'.
You also won't be short of things to do and see.

Salon was home to Nostradamus who married a local Salon girl and settled here as a doctor in 1547.   However, it was his occult writings and poetry that gained him fame and fortune with Catherine de Medici travelling from afar to ask for advice.   Nostradamus was particularly popular at the time but today Salon pays homage to its famous son in the Maison de Nostradamus.

Salon is a great place to base yourself if you're looking to venture out and discover the Bouches du Rhone and Vaucluse - you have the choice of surrounding Provencal villages, Aix en Provence, Marseille and the Camargue.

Chateau de la Barben

Château de la Barben
East of Salon on D572, Salon de Provence 13664
home to Napoleon's sister this château is now home to a little zoo ideal for children
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Daily

Musee de Salon et de la Crau
Av Donnadieu, Salon de Provence 13664
Salon's museum contains old fashioned displays of Provencal costume, furniture and paintings
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Closed Tue, Sat & Sun | Tel: +33 (0)4 90 56 28 37

Musee Grevin de Provence
11 rue de Nostradamus, Salon de Provence 13664
the renowned waxwork family (Grevin) have produced 54 waxwork figures that chart the history of Provence
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Closed Sat & Sun | Tel: +33 (0)4 90 56 64 31

Porte de L'Horloge
Salon de Provence 13664
18th century clock tower made out of iron which marks the entrance of the old town

Musee National de L'Emperi
Château de L'Emperi in old town (at highest point), Salon de Provence 13664
armour & weapons which pay hommage to France's army from Louis XIV to 1918
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0)4 90 66 22 36

Maison de Nostradamus
11 rue de Nostradamus, Salon de Provence 13664
where Nostradamus lived and where you can find out more about this fascinating character
| Admission charge | Opening Times: Closed Sat & Sun | Tel: +33 (0)4 90 56 64 31

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