Image – Objects at the Musee des Arts et Metiers.

Along with the 4th arrondisement  this part of the Right bank neighbourhood embraces much of Le Marais Also visit the musee Picasso, the musee Carnavalet, the musee Cognacq-Jay  and the Hotel de Donon.

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Le Marais

One of the best loved of the old Right Bank districts previously allowed to fall into decades of seedy decay, Le Marais has now made a comeback, although perhaps it will never again enjoy the grand opulence of its aristocratic heyday during the 17th century. Over the centuries, kings have called Le Marais home, and its salons have resounded with the witty, often devastating remarks of Racine, Voltaire, Molière, and Madame de Sévigné.

Musée Picasso

One of the district’s chief attractions today is Musée Picasso, housed in the Hotel Sale full of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramics ard assorted works of art that the Picasso estate had to turn over to the French government in lieu of the artist’s astronomical death duties. There are also works of art by Cezanne,Miro,Renoir,Braque,Degas and Matisse.

Musée Cognacq-Jay

The Musee Cognacq-Jay is devoted to the arts of the 18th Century containing outstanding furniture, porcelain and paintings(notably by Watteau,Boucher and Tiepolo
The Musee Carnavalet consists of two adjacent mansions in the heart of the Marais.This museum houses material dating from the city’s origins to the present, it is full of maps and plans, furniture and busts and portraits of Parisian worthies down the ages .

List of attractions for the 3 eme

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, 292 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003
Musée Carnavalet,  23 Rue de Sévigné, 75003
Musée des Arts et Métiers, 60 Rue Réaumur, 75003
Musée Picasso,  rue de Thorigny, 75003
Place de la République, 75003, 75010 & 75011