Image – Mairie of the 5th Arrondisement.

The fabled Left bank Latin Quarter, visit the Sorbonne,Bvd St Michel, Panteon,Theatre Mouffetard, Jardin des Plantes and the Cluny museum

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The Latin Quarter

The Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter) is the intellectual heart and soul of Paris. Bookstores, schools, churches, smoky jazz clubs, student dives, Roman ruins, publishing houses, and, yes, expensive and chic boutiques, characterize the district. Discussions of Artaud or Molière over long lingering cups of coffee are not just a cliché. They really happen.

The Sorbonne

1253, the quartier was called Latin because all students and professors spoke the scholarly language. As the traditional canter of what was called “Bohemian Paris,” it formed the setting for Henri Murger’s novel Scènes de la vie de Bohème (later the Puccini opera, La Bohème). You’ll follow in the footsteps of Descartes, Verlaine, Camus, Sartre, James Thurber, Elliot Paul, and Hemingway as you explore this historic district. For sure, the old Latin quarter is gone forever.

Quai Montebello

Changing times have brought Greek, Moroccan, and Vietnamese immigrants, among others, hustling everything from couscous to fiery hot spring rolls and souvlaki. The 5th also borders the Seine, and you’ll want to stroll along quai de Montebello, inspecting the inventories of the bouquinistes who sell everything from antique Daumier prints to yellowing copies of Balzac’s Père Goroit in the shadow of Notre Dame.

The 5th also stretches down to the Pantéon, which was constructed by a grateful Louis XV after he’d recovered from gout and wanted to do something special for Ste-Geneviève. It’s the dank, dark resting place of Rousseau, gambetta, Emile Zola, Louis Braille, Victor Hugo, Voltiare, and Jean Moulin, the World War II Resistance leader who was tortured to death by the Gestapo.

List of attractions in the 5eme

Arènes de Lutèce, 49 Rue Monge, 75005
Fontaine Cuvier, 3 Rue Linné, 75005
Fontaine Saint Michel, Place Saint-Michel, 75005
Jardin des Plantes,  57 rue Cuvie, 2 rue Buffon, 36 rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, Place Valhubert, 75005
Musée de Cluny, 6 Place Paul Painlevé,  75005
Panthéon,  Place du Panthéon, 75005
Place de la Sorbonne, 75005
Place St-Michel, 75005
Saint-Étienne-du-Mont,  Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 75005
Sorbonne Chapel,  Place de la Sorbonne, 75005
Sorbonne University, 1 rue Victor Cousin, 75005
Hopital Militaire du Val-de-Grace rue du Val-de-Grâce, 75005