The prune capital of Agen on the banks of the Garonne is a welcoming, modestly-sized town where the living is comfortable. A walk through its historic centre takes in emblematic places like the very lively Place des Laitiers, the arcaded Rue des Cornières, Rue Beauville with its old half-timbered, corbelled houses, Saint-Caprais cathedral – home to colourful 19th-century frescoes – and a fine art museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts). The latter is housed in four Renaissance town houses and contains remarkable collections of archaeology, paintings, sculptures and decorative arts, including an exceptional group of canvases by Goya and the famous Vénus du Mas d’Agenais sculpture. An absolutely must see museum!
Gravier esplanade along the Garonne is a lovely place for a walk and very popular among the town’s inhabitants,
with plane trees, lawns and paths. To the north is the majestic 539-m long canal bridge that takes the Canal Latéral
à la Garonne over the Garonne river.
The Grand Pruneau Show on the last weekend of August is a big festival dedicated to the famous Agen prune, with prune tastings, a gourmet market, shows, concerts etc.

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