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Camiers – Sainte Cécile is a commune comprised of  Camiers and the seaside resort of Sainte Cécile-Plage. Sainte Cécile has three beaches : Saint Gabriel, Chemin des Bateaux and Sainte Cécile.

Did you know that Camiers was host to Frenégonde and Julius Caesar ? The latter, returning from Great Britain was surprised by the tide and with his military fleet, took refuge on these shores.

The history begins in 1873. The union of Cécile de Rocquigny with the Count of Rosamel joined the land on the seafront between Camiers and Etaples.

In 1883, they sold a part of Camier’s coastline to build a seaside resort, named Gabriel.

At the end of the 19th century, the attraction of an affluent clientele for sea bathing developed Saint Gabriel and Sainte Cécile. Sainte Cécile, built a few hundred metres north, opened in the summer of 1936 for the holidaying  middle classes.

Today, Sainte Cecile is a beach on the Opal Coast, North of the Baie de Canche.

This family resort offers a large undeveloped beach with many activities in summer (kids’ club, volleyball, beach soccer, paddle/ kayaking).

Access is facilitated with ample parking. Shops nearby, a school of sand yachting and adventure trails.

Camiers benefits from an exceptional landscape and natural heritage with the coastline and the limestone slopes.



Office of Tourism

Camiers Sainte-Cecile – 62176

Residence Holiday Beach

Esplanade de Sainte Cecile

Tel: 03 21 84 72 18