This is a riverside town of rushing water – the Douix has its source here, gushing from a cave at the foot of dramatic cliffs on the edge of the town, and the young Seine, whose source is just a few miles away, flows through it as well. Medieval and Renaissance buildings add to its charm – the ruined castle, Eglise St-Nicolas, Convent des Cordeliers and the noble Hôtel Philandrier. But perhaps the most celebrated thing about Châtillon is the Trésor de Vix. This collection of treasures, dating from over 2,500 years ago, was found in the burial site of a Celtic princess, along with the chariot in which she was interred near the town. The most splendid exhibit is the ‘krater’, a 200 kg, 1.63 m ornate bronze Greek vase. The exhibition is housed in the former abbey of Notre-Dame de Châtillon.

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