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It’s Philippe Hurepel, the Count of Boulogne, who gives the city it’s real boom by building a castle which will be dismantled in 1662. The city knows a peasant revolt, called revolt of Lustucrus.

Saint André’s Church which rises on the height of Hucqueliers away from the heart of the village.

Clovis Normand was asked for his restoration. The heritage renovation site begins in 1894.

Here you can discover the « High Country », near the Opal Coast.

Come to discover Hucqueliers by walking, or biking… through more than 100kms of marked trails. Discover the authenticity of the terroir by browsing the flowery villages and enjoy regional products, traditional games, crafts. The Canton of Hucqueliers invites you to share its lifestyle in its restaurants, guest houses, lodgings, campsites, hotels…



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