The Calanques (rocky bays) were formed by rivers flowing into the sea, submerged many years ago by the rising level of the Mediterranean.  The long narrow inlets in the high white rocks are
truly impressive, some with tiny harbours or beaches all along the coast from Cassis to Marseilles.  One can often see rock climbers scaling the walls along the sides and the ‘Calanques’ have provided a safe haven for sailors during storms for millennia.   Today, the clear blue-green waters are even more popular as an exclusive haven for holiday makers.


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Nature and Walking

The Aleppo pine is the dominant tree and is sometimes flanked by oak and ash, while mytle, rosemary, thyme and the strawberry tree are found amongst the vegetation.  Archaelogical finds have proved that this coast was the site of human settlements in earlier times.
Today, diving enthusiasts come from all over the world to admire the sunken natural and archaeological wonders of ‘Les Calanques’ : Grotte de Cosquer, for example, discovered in 1991, contains rock-paintings dating back 20,000 years ago.  The visitor can take any one of the many walking tours through these areas which are not always reachable by car.
Those localities of the Calanques best known and most appreciated by tourists, are Port-Pin, En-Vau, the area around Morgiou, Sormiou and finally Cassis,  with its sheltered small port, east of Cap Canaille and west of the last rocky promontory of the Gardiole in an extremely beautiful natural setting.

Boat Trips

Boat trips to the Calanques are fun to arrange.  Walk along the line of boats at the Cassis harbour and spot which ones are filling up for which trips. They’ll be going to a series of 3, 5, or 8 Calanques.

3 Calanques; 45 minutes (about 10 €)
Port Miou, Port Pin, En Vau
5 Calanques; 1hour (about 12 €)
Port Miou, Port Pin, En Vau
Loule, Devenson
8 Calanques; 1 hour and a half (about 15 €)
Port Miou, Port Pin, En Vau
Loule, Devenson
Oeil de Verre, Sugiton, Morgiou & Tourist Office

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