Come and discover the Château of Savigny-les-Beaune which houses a surprising collection of Abarth racing cars, over 250 motorcycles and an authentic squadron of over 90 fighter planes lined up peacefully in the park.

The village is one of the most charming in the wine region. To visit, feel free to follow the marked route in 15 stages and enjoy all the facets of a rich heritage (a short illustrated guide “If Savigny was told to me” is available at the tourist office to help you with your visit – cost: €2). From the Church of St Cassien with its splendid listed Romanesque bell tower to the French-style garden of Chandon de Briailles Manor, the village offers some wonderful things to discover. And remember to stop in front of the inscriptions engraved in the stone of the houses. Full of winemaker’s common sense, they assert, among other things, that “there are five reasons to drink: the arrival of a guest, current thirst, future thirst, not to mention the quality of the wine and all those you’d care to imagine”.

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