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In the fifteenth century, at the port of Trépied, thirty fishing boats were moored on the banks of the River Canche where 150 fishermen made their living from the sea, their catches supplying the markets of Amiens, Abbeville and Beauvais.

In 1837, Jean-Baptiste Daloz purchased the sand dunes of Cucq and Trépied. In 1855, Mr Daloz and his son-in-law
Mr Rigaux planted young pines and in 1858 the two men decided to divide the estate. Mr Daloz took
1,250 hectares (the territory of present-day Le Touquet) and Mr Rigaux’s portion formed the estate of Stella.

The first part of the 20th century was marked by the building of one of the largest housing estates in France, the streets of Stella-Plage meet in a star shaped square .

In 1925, Stella-Plage was inaugurated as a ‘Health Resort’ .

From this period, the town grew in popularity and today, the town population is 5000 resident and 30,000 in the summer.

Stella Plage is a family destination who are free to discover its signed walking trails or biking over the white dunes. These walks will take you to the heart of a preserved natural area with wildlife and remarkable flora.

Apart from walking and cycling Stella-Plage offers a variety of activities… Sand yachting, windsurfing or catamaraning.

Let yourself be seduced by the plethora of rental villas and apartments by the sand dunes.



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