A place to enjoy the good life with stunning views of the Pyrenees mountains : welcome to Tarbes, the capital of Bigorre.
An essential stop between the city of Lourdes and the prestigious sites of the Pyrenean mountain range, Tarbes reveals its charms as you wander its palm-lined streets and experience the authentic feel of South-West France.
Be amazed by the Haras de Tarbes stud farm, the birthplace of the Anglo-Arabian horse breed and a living museum, as well as the Massey Garden, home to the astounding International Hussars Museum and a Fine Art collection…
All year round, you can also enjoy a varied cultural programme with many festivals (Tarba en Canta Festival of Polyphonies, Equestria Festival of equestrian creation, Tarbes en Tango International Argentinian Tango Festival, Terro’Art, etc.).


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